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Get your set of aroma oil & diffuser today from Perfume De Indiana to experience the benefits yourself..

Invigorate a sense of pleasure, rejuvenation and retreat whenever you are back to home after a stressful day or make your office more inviting and enhance productivity, with the use of an age-old technique called Aromatherapy. Aroma oils have qualities that can purify the indoor air, better the mood, performance and health of people. Perfume De Indiana was formed 5 years ago by Mr. Mohit Arora with a motive to serve easy-to-buy and maintain a complete aromatherapy set. In a unit in New Delhi (India), a team of 10 personnel are actively carrying out the business operations. Operating as a manufacturer & supplier, we are making available Aroma Oil, Ultrasonic Humidifier, Ceramic Oil Burner, Electric Aroma Oil Diffuser, Ceramic Aroma Oil Warmer and Ceramic Electric Incense Burner.

Why Buy & How to Use Our Products?

One can make use of the Aroma Diffuser to evenly disperse the oil in the entire space. By placing the diffuser in a central location, you can give the oil molecules a room to rise and spread. Our personnel can advise you on the use of specific oils apt for the environment. For instance, Jasmine, Sandal, Ocean Breeze and Lemongrass and Clove are beneficial for office environment, as these oils lift the mood, improve concentration and open the mind. The ceramic aroma diffusers are the most affordable way to not only diffuse the aroma oil of your choice in the environment, but give a traditional touch to the space. These colorful, electrically operated diffusers require a few drops of concentrated oil in an appropriate amount of water and plug-in for 30-45 minutes to fill the air with therapeutic scent that lasts for hours. Our collection of electric aroma oil diffusers is designed in ceramic in the shape of heavenly and divine Buddha idol, that itself spread a positive vibe in the space, at the same time refreshing scent.

By buying our collection of Aroma Oils, people can be benefited with the perks associated with it, like:
  • Support physical and mental wellness
  • Promote a positive state of emotion
  • Create a setting of serenity to release & soothe anxiety
  • Provides refreshment, energy and mental clarity
  • Neutralize odor
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